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When should your home be rewired?

If you're buying a house that's over 20 years old it would be good to know when it was last rewired. A little advice to help you decide...

When should your home be rewired?

Unfortunately it's not always easy to establish this, so an electrical survey is a good idea. If you are at the stage of looking at a house or you've just bought, then a glance at the consumer unit should give you an indication of the age of the wiring. If old ceramic style fuses are in place thenit would suggest that the property needs at least partially rewiring. Another good indicator, is if there is a mixture of plug socket and light switch styles.

Rewiring Work

Costs for rewiring will depend on the size of the property and will more than likely require the house to be redecorated following. If you are considering a total rewire of your house then speak to us first. We have a vast amount of experience in domestic and commercial rewiring and importantly we can also incorporate advanced home automation systems as well as security systems.